Excerpt from the "General Terms of the VBS GmbH":

Shipment cost for articles requiring shipment

The buyer is responsible for an additional fee required to package and ship orders. Customers ordering online are required to accurately indicate their shipping zone (and country), as VBS GmbH is not obliged to deliver the purchased goods otherwise.

The first shipment cost indicated in the online shop is an estimate without engagement. The precise shipment cost is subject to calculation by the VBS GmbH and, if different from the estimate, will be sent to the customer in a second final invoice.

The buyer will incur an additional fee of 12,- Euro for packaging and shipping costs if a reminder for payment notice is issued. The buyer is obliged to provide immediate payment for the total amount including additional fees. If custom charges are incurred in the buyer’s country of purchase, the buyer is obliged to pay them to the competent authorities.