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Online Symposium: Rehab


Online Symposium "Multimodal Pain Approach" of VAHL in Cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim®

Date, Time: 09 June, 2021, 14:00-18:30 hours CET (incl. 2 breaks)
The recording is going to be available on our platform LMS-VAHL, starting on 14 June.

Place: Live: Zoom / Recording: LMS-VAHL

Prerequisites: Veterinarian / veterinary student / VN / PT

Language: ENGLISH

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Symposium Pain Rehab

Multimodal Pain Approach - VAHL in Coorperation with Boehringer incl. Promotion-Code

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  • 14.00 Welcome (BE) 5 min.
  • Career steps in physical medicine: get started with simple procedures like heat and cold – become a specialist with an academic education (CCRP/CERP) and complete your desire for an academic career with a residency to become a Diplomate ECVSMR (BB) 15 min.
  • Team approach: my role as a vet nurse, specialized in rehab (GO) 10 min. and (TJ) 10 min.
  • Why rehab – look at this example: Biomechanics and related treatment considerations in CCLR – it is evidence based! (BB) 30 min.
  • Break 15 min.
  • Multimodal pain approach – manage your patients, don’t miss important links (BE) 5 min.
  • Step one:
  • a) Pain control with medication – overview: (BER) 5 min.
  • b)“Tips & Tricks when you treat with NSAIDS” (Meta-cam, Previcox & Canosan) Features and benefits of Metacam, and Canosan (CB) 25 min.
  • c) Obesity is key in multimodal pain approach(BE) 10 min.
  • d)Pain control with physical therapy how to get started with little/no investment:
    1) Heat and cold (BER) 10 min.
    2) Massage (GO) 10 min.
    3) Exercises (GO) 10min.
    4) Involve your pet owner – homework (GO) 10 min.
  • Break 15 min.
  • Step two:
    - Laser, TENS, stem cells, PRP, and much more (BER) 10 min.
    1)TENS (BER) 15 min.
    2) Laser (BER) 15 min.
    3) Hydrotherapy (TJ) 15 min.
  • Q&A – panel discussion (all) – 30 min


  • PD Dr. Barbara Bockstahler (BB)
    President ECVSMR, DECVSMR, DACVSMR, CCRP, (VETMEDUNI Vienna), Austria
  • Dr. Beate Egner (BE)
    CEO & Course Director (VAHL), Germany
  • Dr. Barbara Esteve Ratsch (BER)
    CCRP, (VAHL), Norway
  • Tracey Jones (TJ)
    VP and CCRP, (VAHL), UK
  • Greta Oldfield (GO)
    VN and CCRP, Sandvica NO, Norway
  • Camilla Bentsen (CB)
    DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim®, Nordics

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