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Canine VII: 3 parts - written, oral, practical

Only available for enrolled CCRP students.
Canine I-VI have to be completed prior to applying for the exam.

Duration: 1 day

English language.

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595,00 €

= 595,00 € incl. tax

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Only for those where the exam was NOT included in the price.

All previous steps (e-learning, presence days, externship, own cases) need to be completed prior to applying for the exam.

The 5 cases need to arrive minimum 8 weeks prior to selected date/location.
The case study format is provided during the CCRP course.

Evaluation of the cases will result in either “passed” = allowance to take the exams, or "failed": new cases need to be submitted.

We recommend to book transfer and accomodation after having received the positive response "passed".

In case of any further questions, please contact us at email:


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