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German edition of "Essential Facts of Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats".

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Essential Facts of Bloodpressure in Dogs and Cats; DVD included
A Reference Guide

by Beate Egner, Anthony Carr, Scott Brown

ISBN 978-3-938274-15-6: English edition (ISBN 978-3-938274-17-0: German edition), BE-VetVerlag, Babenhausen, 2007

including videos on DVD

256 pages, 118 photos and illustrations. 25 tables and flow charts, incl. video (DVD).
Including summary of ACVIM hypertension consensus group statement.

This is the first and only book to focus specifically on the different aspects of blood pressure in veterinary medicine. It is meant to be a practical guide and provide all the information needed to help integrate an understanding of blood pressure into every day clinical practice.

Hypertension is commonly found as a symptom of many Major diseases and the possibility of Monitoring blood pressure can often be of paramount importance for the successful treatment of the diseases.

Hypertension is also dangerous diesease itself, beacause it not only leads to progression of the underlying cause (such as with renal disease), but it can also cause damage to other organs, like the eye, the heart, the kidney and the brain. Especially the eyes and the heart are frequently affected, thus a thourough examination of these organ systems is indicated in any patient, being diagnosed with hypertension.

The book covers all topics relevant to blood pressure including physiology, hypotension, hypertension, therapy of blood pressure abnormalities, economics of blood pressure measurement and, most importantly, how to get a reliable and repeatable blood pressure reading.

In order to offer the best support, this book also includes a very valuable DVD showing videos on how to reliable measure blood pressure in dogs and cats. The DVD also demonstrates how to evaluate the eye and the heart for endorgan damage.

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